From Heaven Lake by Vikram Seth

From Heaven Lake was an impulsive pick.
From Heaven Lake is different from page one. Very few travelog'ers can take you along like Seth does, on his impulsive, stubborn and ambitious journey as he hitch-hikes his way from Heaven lake (in China) to Tibet, then Nepal and finally home, Delhi. The fast paced narrative (I say this because there are often twists in the plot which could have made for a good piece of fiction) is rich with metaphors, taking you on a cultural tour through rural China, often leaving you with a feeling of surrealism, as you stand by the road-side when his truck breaks down in the middle of a road that barely exists or as you hold your breath, guessing how he would get to Nepal with all the rains and washed away roads.
And whats the best part about the book? While he expresses his opinion on various things Chinese, both political and cultural, at no point of time does it turn preachy or philosophical!


Rashmi said...

sometimes your reviews are more interesting than the book themselves.. :) nice review though..

Pradeep Roonwal said...

hahaha...thanks Rashmi. I dont know how to read this comment though :)
However, I honestly feel you will like this book