A story of 572 steps!

A resolution to take the stairs and not give in to the temptation of taking the elevator is about as tough as it can get. It is also one of those that I have made innumerable times, for reasons ranging from a love for the environment to a determination to lose those 'few extra pounds', and given up with barely a fight.
There have been various and apparently genuine excuses for not taking the stairs...an important conversation that would have been interrupted if I alone took the stairs, a colleague who might have to take the lift alone if I took the stairs, a meeting I might get late for if I took the stairs (never mind the fact that I wait for 5 mins for the lift)...so on and so forth :)
So, it is not with great optimism that I made this resolution along with a colleague one more time yesterday.
And proud I am to say that on the second day, a day where all the meetings I had to attend were on different floors, I have climbed up 572 steps and climbed down 572!


Rashmi said...

where the hell are those extra pounds? are they microscopic? idiot.. making the rest of the fat ones feel even more so..

Pradeep Roonwal said...

Rashmi - been long time, so u dont know.
When fat-ness is coupled with charm, people will overlook the fat-ness, but in my case, I dont think thats possible :)

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