"All kids fall down mummy, its ok" - these were the pearls of wisdom that my little one bestowed on his mom, after he fell for probably the fifth time in 25 minutes of his first skating class.
25 minutes earlier, his 5 months long wait (to turn 4, so that he can start skating class) and the more excruciating day long wait to start the class at 4:30 pm had ended. He could barely conceal his excitement as he put on his gear (knee, elbow and palm pads, helmet and skates). For us, however, every little event...the moment he put one tentative step on the rink and almost landed on his rear-side, looked back at his mom when she left him with the coach, his first fall and his tears when his helmet fell off...had us convincing each other that his fascination with skating would not end too soon.
Shortly, the wheels on his skates were tightened a wee bit, he was walking on his own without support, falling down, but getting up on his own and yeah, the icing on the cake - when he walked over to the railing, picked up his water bottle , had a sip and placed it back upright...all this without losing his balance even once!


Rashmi said...

oh my! the little one is skating now? in my mind he is still the one i could carry around on my hip :). good luck!

the anticipation.. isn't that one of the most beautiful things of being a child? so glad that you are reliving it.. and the best thing.. blogging about it.. keep'em coming..

Pradeep Roonwal said...

Thanks Rashmi...I am not sure if you would still want to carry him around your hip, the skates that he wants to wear all the time might injure you :D
Yeah...nowadays, the innocence of his anticipations creates some kinda energy, sucking us in too :)