And after a lot of deliberation, I completed my Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL certification today.

World boss day!

On the World Boss day, I can say I am eternally thankful to three of my bosses in 6 years of work...
1. Prashantha Marathe - my first boss at work...admire him, not only for his word and excel skills, but also for managing a team of 5 just-out-of-college freshers and extracting a zero-defect project out of them :)
2. Suket Gandhi - my idea of an ideal boss...admire him for his complete support and smile-in-the-face-of-adversity attitude. Lots to say but the thought that I might not do justice is what stops me :)
3. Sridhar A - A never-say-die attitude coupled with his tenacity and understanding saw us battle many a storm with panache. As organized and level-headed a boss as you can ever get, he has taught me many a tricks of the trade. And of course, the Ireland days will never be forgotten either :)
I am a little "hindi-capped" :)
Noticed a number of boards on the electronic city expressway on hosur road, reading:
"Wish you a very Happy 62nd year of Independence Day"
Its been a long and arduous week...what with all the codes that I had to review (and do a good job at it too)...plans that I had to not only prepare, but also get approved...appraisal...
I remember the first thing I told the first person I met in office on the first day of the week..."I want to go back home" :)
The only thing that kept me going through all this was the fact that it was going to be a short 4-day week, with a holiday almost in the middle of the week (Thursday, Oct 2, Gandhi Jayanti)...I almost screamed out (yaaaayyyyyy!!!! Today is over and its a holiday tomorrow) when I finished the last of yesterday's meetings at 5 pm...
The whole of today felt like it was a Saturday (getting up late, badminton...). While returning home after a very satisfying game of badminton, I realized that I have to go to office tomorrow. Felt a little cheated, almost like Ayesha Takia must have felt in the movie "Sunday", where her Sunday is missing...
However, dint take me long to realize that I should be happy, after all tomorrow is Friday and theres still a Saturday n Sunday left this week.... :)

31 September? appears 31-Sep-08 is the date before which I was to use the Dominos Pizza voucher that I won on Radio One.
Am sure, the poor VP who signed it din't see this coming :)