Ok...so its been a long time since I found anything to blog about. Before you get your hopes high, let me warn you that the intention of this post is not to talk about something interesting. It is more of a status check...just to ensure that my login does not expire :)

The last couple of months have been busy (work, nephews/nieces at home for vacation), exciting (trips to Mumbai, Lonavala and Mysore) and not without their moments of suspense (the boy's report card).
Between all this, I have also managed to squeeze in time to read a lot of Indian authors. Ashwin Sanghi's famed Krishna Key, which reeked of Dan Brown and his DaVinci Code, followed by his Rozabal line, which I realized is the book equivalent of a documentary film and to finish which, I needed more inspiration than my boy needs to go to school!
Once bitten, twice shy, does not hold for me. Not sure if twice bitten, thrice shy will either, since I plan to someday read his Chankya Chant too! Talk about self-inflicted torture :)
Sandwiched between these was Kalpana Swaminathan and her "Monochrome Madonna", which could pass off as an amateur detective novel, if not for the insane twists, melodramatic characters and irrational "logic"!
After this, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple Hibiscus just could not hold my attention and I had to give it up mid-way. It was far too well-written :D
Then came Ravi Subramanian with "Bankster". While many may differ, I loved the book. One of those suspense thriller books set in contemporary India that you can immediately connect with, not just because of its simplistic writing style but also because the characters are very human and the kind you may very well run into.
I will definitely try to write a more detailed review once I find time from the latest book that I am reading, Vikram Seth's "From Heaven Lake" :)
So long...