Have you ever turned to the cartoons section of a newspaper, expecting the Sunday cartoons, but having the Saturday cartoons stare at you instead?
Its an amazing feeling, to know that its just the beginning of the weekend...and not the beginning of the end of the weekend. :)
Happened to me yesterday ;)
Found on a matchbox (seriously, no kidding):

Judge: Why did you hit your husband with a chair?
Lady: I couldn't life the chair

Wife was asked: Which book do you like the best?
Wife: My husband's cheque book.

There are two kinds of secrets:
One is not worth keeping and the other is too good to keep

In a country where women do 90% of the household cooking, it comes as no wonder that all these jokes are women oriented (No offence meant)
But another thing that came to my mind, in the age of lighters and emergency lights (or UPS), how many english-speaking (which is still largely an urban phenomenon) women use matchsticks (No offence meant, yet again)??

Would love to know from the matchstick company the idea behind the jokes :)
At times when there are reservations for women (or atleast talk of it), felt good to see it explicitly mentioned" "No separate queue for ladies" at the very crowded railway ticketing counter (Bangalore City)
And then some things just dont change...like the petrol bunk attendants and the tactics they use to cheat you of your hard-earned money.
When I went to fill petrol yesterday at this HP petrol bunk in Jayanagar...I handed over the credit card to the attendant and asked him to fill for 200, repeating the amount in both English and Kannada, lest there be any confusion.
And the guy slowly pre-sets the dispenser to 50...I notice it just in time to remind him that it should be 200, for which he smiles sheepishly and says "I thought it was 50"...well, either he is extremely dumb (to think someone would accept a credit card for 50) or he thinks I am dumb (to fall for his explanation)...
And after this, he sets it to 150...at which instance I have to remind him in no uncertain terms that he has to fill for the entire 200, since he did not initially fill for the 50...another sheepish (even a little defensive) grin and in goes 200 worth fuel...I skip the usual "thanks"...and am on my way...

Anyone with any pointers on where to complain about such instances (as complaining with the Manager yields no results) would be highly appreciated :)
Was mighty impressed when an old man refused to take a paper cover at the shop, simply stating that its going to be a waste since once he gets home, he is just going to throw it away...not a scene that I witness often.