Animal Kingdom

'The Ostrich Festival', one of the '10 unique festivals in US' said the Website...So, rather than wasting a saturday at home, we decided to drop in to see the long-legged (non)beauties.
Getting there was an adventure in itself...but once there, it was an experience in was a huge carnival, and awesome giant wheel, kamikaze, etc, was crowded too...the usual melee of ppl, old young, hot, cold...the ostrich race is a huge attraction, we managed to get good seats, coz we were there a full 45 minutes early...:D The races were funny, there were ostriches, emus, alpacas, ponies, camels and chick(en)s too...the MC was a funny guy, cracking pj's which would give our very own 'PJ' a complex...we howled with laughter...and there were different kinds of races, roman style races(with carts drawn by ostriches), kids herding the emu's to the finish line, chicken racing...the 50 minute show was a riot.... To top it all off, there was a pig-race too, with a couple of beauties being hand-picked from the spectators to cheer the pigs(complete with pom-poms and slogans...) my 'babe' won...:D


M&M said...

roonz...ostrichs are shy ,dumb but very hooorny.

ConfusionRuins said... took part in the pig race?

M&M said...

or the roman ostrich race ??? u wore a Toga?

ConfusionRuins said...

Are you nuts? He is a pig. Pigs take part in pig race.
"Roonz bolts from the starting gate and races around the track snorting and squealing, stubby legs churning and curly tail sailing along behind."

M&M said...

hey when did u get a seks change?