"I am an ardent fan of your handwriting"
"Thanks", I mumbled.I could feel myself going red.
"Especially the way you write an A", she continued.
"Indians as a rule having better handwriting than others" I muttered.
"Yeah, probably because as kids we are insisted on improving our writing"
"And also because of the amount of homework that we do", I wanted to sound intelligent too, almost at the risk of sounding stupid.
"I have seen specimens in my office who have deplorable handwriting", she insisted
By then thankfully I was done with the bill and she decided not to stick around.
Well, not that I was not used to complements, but it had come at the most odd of times.I was after all writing out a bill for some medicines.


Jagadish said...

ehehehe :D....yaar adu ? eh ? eh ? :D

walterhuron07742602 said...
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