Random thoughts - I

1. 6221 - A1 - 37
My train number, coach number and seat number, when I went to chennai on 30-Oct-06

2. 38
The seat number i had to finally occupy coz an old man (whose son worked in Infosys Mysore!!!) wanted the lower berth!

3. 5 AM
When I got up in the train, thinking we ll be in Chennai by 5:30...

4. 7:15 AM
When the train finally reached Chennai Central

5. 24 deg
The temperature at Chennai at 7:45 AM

6. 17.50
For the sad pongal at Shankar Netralaya canteen, which was my breakfast

7. 9:30 AM
When the CoE workshap began....not bad at all

8. 10:30 AM
The first time I looked at my cell hoping the trainer would call for a coffee break

9. 11:30 AM
Coffee break finally!!

10. 1:15 PM
Workshop over....lunch served.

11. 1:30 PM
To my horror, I discover that Saravana Bhavan has played a bad joke on all of us...the lunch box is four 50 ml cups of food...and THATS IT!!!! :((((

12. 2:15 PM
We decide to wind up n go to Pizza Corner for lunch

13: 3:15 PM
Back to the guest house, ready for a nice nap....

More later.....
1. Y do Chennai autos have a meter, when they dont use it anyway?

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