Just read an article in the July edition of RD on how people in the South prepare for the monsoons. And realized that while we all squirm at the thought of a rainy day throwing our mechanical lives off gear, there is something inherent that makes us look forward to the rains, and remain edgy when it doesnt rain...Is it the:
1. fresh smell, not only of the wet sand, but of the greenery all around?
2. green green green that you see all around?
3. right to remain lazily in bed a while longer?
4. pitter-patter of the rain drops on windows?
5. respite that it brings from the sweltering heat?
6. hot ginger tea that we can enjoy on a rainy afternoon?
7. hope that suddenly springs into your heart?

Love the rains...their child-like innocence...the joy they bring... :)

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