I was on Radio!!!!

Slogging it out for my cerrtification exam, but had to write this: "I was on Radio!!!!!".

Yeah...though not an avid contestant in radio contests, I do give in once in a while to the temptation of winning something...

It was exactly one such tempting moment today, when the RJ on radio asked: "Women take 3276 hours during their lifetime to dress up, men take only 1092. What is it that men take longer than women for?”
In a fit of inspiration, I picked up my cellphone and messaged “Men take longer to understand women than women take to understand men”... :)
But that was when I was aimlessly looking out of the window of my bus on the way to office. When no call came my way in the next 10 min (yeah! I thought that is all the time required to judge my entry as the most witty), I forgot this as one more of those 6 rs per min SMS that would show up on my next months bill, a sore reminder of another lost chance.
Reaching office in record time (thanks to the auto-rickshaw strike), I got down to the daily grind with renewed energy (all thanks to spending fewer minutes in the bus). The radio signal on our floor is pathetic (only static is heard), and so the moment I start climbing the stairs to the 2nd Floor, the radio is hastily turned off.
Going through the slew of overnight mails, I was surprised to see a call from some 40******* number. I was sure it was one of those touts offering credit cards for free, but picked up the call nonetheless.
Surprise surprise, it was the RJ, "Hi Pradeep, this is so-and-so from Radio so-and-so, I liked your answer, can I record it?"
You have heard it happen a 100 times on radio, but you are never prepared for this to happen to you.
I replied a hesitant "yes", he asked me if I spoke kannada, I told "Yes", then he hastily reminded me my answer, and yippie!!!! I was being recorded :)
I won a dinner voucher for my bravery... :)
With a smug smile on my face, I called, emailed, messaged people near and far egging them to listen to ME!!!!

But the irony of it all, I could not listen to myself on radio, thanks to the lack of quality signal ;)


TEJA said...


Kiran said...


so its for real and those rj guys dont make it up all the time!

Anonymous said...

Waav... Congrats! I kinda imagine you talking those words in kannada :-)

- Aru

Pradeep Roonwal said...

Thanks :)

@kiran alias pj,
yeah man, was difficult for me to believe it too

Good that u imagined it, coz that guy dint give me a chance to say anything in kannada ;)

Anonymous said...

So.. did you get the voucher? and where did you dine? and what did you eat? More bytes on bites..

Pradeep Roonwal said...

I did get the voucher on Friday...The restaurant's Melting Pot@Woodrose (Brigade Millenium)...
Will go there sometime next week and devote more blog-space to it :)

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.