One of the toughest decisions I have had to take of late, is to decide the date for the first of my two mandatory certifications. After a lot of deliberations, I came up with Aug-21.
My reasoning does me proud.

It had to be after the Independence day long weekend (any other date was too soon).

Aug-18 (the Monday immediately after the long weekend) was ruled out for the below reasons:
1. If I had not studied, I would have to study over the long weekend, thus spoiling it.
2. If I had already studied (the chances of which were as remote as me being kidnapped by Martians), it would still bother me all through the weekend, thus spoiling it.

The other logical extremity was Aug-22 (the Friday of the same week), but who the hell wants to spoil a Friday by worrying about a certification exam? Fridays are exclusively to look forward to the weekend and spoil yourself silly.

So decided on Aug-21 (Thursday), not too close to the 23-Aug weekend, but yet far away from the long weekend :)


Kiran said...

cool. good luck.what cirtifications are they?

Pradeep Roonwal said...

Gotta complete 2 certifications before the end of this year....the first ones a PM foundation exam :)

Anonymous said...

Ah! The Pradeep that I know!
Good luck for your certs.

Pradeep Roonwal said...

Thanks Sree :)

Anonymous said...

DEeps u ll rock..just dont worry

Pradeep Roonwal said...

thanks meetu...
I actually managed to clear the certification, even though just by a whisker :)