The week that was...

With the onset of paryushan and the various restrictions on food (no eating outside, no eating certain type of vegetables, etc), the week started off with only food on my mind, to soak in all the junk food that I would have to resist for a week :)

Appears Monday dint have anything special to offer (Monday morning blues offer no novelty these days) because I dont seem to remember much about it.

Tuesday was Shil's treat at SLV Ragigudda...her turn to feed me till I was ready to burst, all the masala papads, masala puris, masala dosas, manchurians, pav bhajis quickly disappeared (there were of course 7 other people too :) )...along with the ice-creams and coffee too :) The rains were there too, but failed to dampen our spirits.

Wednesday, the rains the night before had done their bit for the traffic. Sitting in the stationary bus, I was urixed to no end. Reaching office at 9:45 (a full 2 hrs 15 min after leaving the hallowed environs of Girinagar), I was in no mood to work. Struggled through life at office and my earlier resolve of staying around till 7 15 quickly melted and I was among the first to board the 5:30 bus that evening. Being the last day before Paryushan, even rain could not deter me from having Garlic bread n Pizza (after nearly 2 months!!!) with Boda and Karthik. The heavens cried their hearts out as I relished the pizza. Came back home drenched but contented, all ready for Paryushan...

Come Thursday, the rains the night before had wreaked havoc. I cursed the traffic, roads, government till I reached office, slightly earlier than the previous day. The uppit that I carried to office for lunch, choked me :)

Friday's lunch was home-made puliyogare, marginally better (did not choke me), but every bit as ruthless as the uppit. Made me run home at 3 pm. The real reason was of course the Dinner voucher that I had to collect from the Radio One office. Picked it up (thats another story) and reached home. End of Friday!

Saturday, the first day of a make-believe beautiful weekend. Early to rise (at 6:30), my incentive was my belief that a good servicing of the silver activa would save some of my hard earned money that was literally burning away with the fossil fuels :) And for those who still wonder why I had to get up at 6:30, I had to hand the activa over for servicing by 7:30 am, which is the cut-off to handover bikes for servicing at the Honda (2-wheeler) showroom. Evening was the much delayed get-together of the Baldwin batch of 96 at Casa Del Sol. It was every bit as good as expected. All credits to Ananth :) Dad was none too amused when we came back at the stroke of midnight.

There ends my week. Sunday is the start of another week...which I shall elaborate on later.

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Kiran said...


u ate out twice during a festive week! what happens next week...

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