Six is the second smallest composite number, its proper divisors being 1, 2 and 3. Since six equals the sum of these proper divisors, six is a perfect number.

Six is the first discrete biprime (2.3) and the first member of the (2.q) discrete biprime family.

Six is a unitary perfect number, a harmonic divisor number and a highly composite number.

Six similar coins can be arranged around a central coin of the same radius so that each coin makes contact with the central one (and touches both its neighbors without a gap), but seven cannot be so arranged.This makes 6 the answer to the two-dimensional kissing number problem.

There are six basic trigonometric functions.

The number of tastes in traditional Indian Medicine called Ayurveda is six.

God created Man on the sixth day

The number of points on a Star of David is six

The number of strings on a standard guitar is six

In American and Canadian Football, the number of points received for a touchdown

In cricket:
- a "six" or "sixer" is a shot in which the ball clears the boundary without bouncing, scoring six runs
- there are six balls to an over

The number of sides on a cube is six, hence the highest number on a standard dice

Extra-sensory perception is sometimes called the "sixth sense"

and today, six is the number of years I have been working for.

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