Hidden charges!!!!

Well....why am I thinking about it now, when all our working life (starting from the first credit card that we unwittingly owned to a bike bought 6 months back) we have been paying those hidden charges, that have inevitably been in the fine print of every damned loan/legal document that we have signed?
Just that I am totally pissed off...some classic hidden charges for you all:

1. If you ever cribbed about how booking railway tickets online made you poorer by 15 rupees (the service charge IRCTC charges for each booking), then try booking them using an ICICI Debit Card. Voila, wake up the next day and you are poorer by another 11 rupees, which shows up on your ICICI statement as "IRCTC charges" and is really "the charge for using the ICICI payment gateway" (you just need to google this)
To add insult to injury, consider cancelling the ticket...
INJURY: you lose 40 rupees as cancellation charges and the 15 rupees service charges
INSULT: another 11 rupees for using the "ICICI payment gateway" to refund your money to your ICICI bank account :)

2...To be continued

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