Then and now - my library experience

Rewind to the early 90's - a little library on the tree-lined streets of Jayanagar, run by an "uncle" who knew everything there was to know about the books that he had and in the process of running a library, introduced thousands of people to the joys of reading (including me) and an "aunty" who knew everything there was to know about the magazines. Together it was a family affair and we were all part of the extended family :)
Come Summer holidays and we, a gang of about ten 10-14 year olds would patiently wait outside the closed doors of the library atleast 15 minutes before opening time, exchanging and pre-booking books (read:striking deals) then and there.
And then, after what would feel like an eternity, "uncle" would come on his TVS, like a santa with a bag full of goodies (brand new Archie comics, the latest Hardy Boys adventure, the weekly edition of Sport Star). And a new bout of deal-striking would follow. Uncannily, in the end, everyone of us would be happy and content that we had the best deal :D
Fast forward to 2013...lives are busier, patience is a virtue, libraries are high-tech, have catalogs online and would be definitely happier and more lucrative if you do not find time to pick up your book.
How else would I explain my membership at an impersonal library chain, the fact that I look at the catalog online and pre-decide what to borrow, spend a total of 5 minutes in the library picking up a pre-decided, pre-booked book, notice neither the lady at the checkout nor a fellow member who is looking through the same shelf and probably shares the same reading habits as me.
And life goes on... :)

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