Ok...I have been really getting busy at work. However, Here is my recipe for minestrone soup :)

What you need:
Tomatoes - 4 large
Onion - 1 medium, chopped not too finely
Capsicum - 1/4th cup, chopped not too finely
Beans - 1/4th cup, chopped into 1cm pieces
Macaroni - 1/4th cup
Assorted beans - rajma, chana, moong - soaked overnight and boiled.
Salt, black pepper powder, italian seasoning, turmeric

How to prepare:
Boil the tomatoes. After they cool down, blend them and sieve out the seeds. This is your purée.

To a frying pan, add half a spoonful of the oil. To this add the onion, capsicum, and beans. Toast lightly (the veggies should not change colour).
In a cooking vessel, add the puree, the veggies, boiled beans and macaroni. Add half a teaspoon of black pepper powder, half a teaspoon of italian seasoning and salt to taste. Add a pinch of turmeric (this is only to give the otherwise dull soup a rich colour, not taste). Add enough water, so that the consistency is just a little more than rasam (this is something that everyone can relate to).
Let the vegetable cook and soak in the flavours. Turn off once the macaroni has cooked. Your soup is ready!
Serve with the open bread toast (wait for my next post!)...

Once the vegetables are cooked, let the salsa cool to room temperature. Add the rice and mix lightly, ensuring you do not break the rice grains.

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