Getting featured on Be On The Road!

Sankara Subramanian, self proclaimed travel nut and travel evangelist is one of the top professional travel bloggers in India and his Be on the Road is arguably one of the best travel blogs. Widely respected and followed, Be on the Road is a treasure trove of his travel experiences, photography and tips and tricks.
When a chance invitation to write for his blog came my way, I decided to write about a topic that had been running in my mind for quite some time. And the outcome was this article:

I definitely hope this motivates me to update my blog more often!


Rashmi said...

Dude!! This is awesome!
You sure have traveled a lot.. I did not realise it until I read the article. Well written as always. Congratulations.. :)

Mridula said...

Can I give you a suggestion? Increase the size of your pictures! Change your theme if need be.

Pradeep Roonwal said...

Hey Mridula... thanks for the suggestion. Will do that.
Any other suggestions are also welcome :)