Fond memories from Kasaragod!

Kasaragod has nothing to offer the regular tourist.
It offers clean beaches by quaint fishing villages but without the crowds and commercialization. 
It offers a fort that affords stunning views of the Arabian Sea, but lacks a commercial guide who will tell you the stories.
It has people who will speak to you in Kannada and Hindi just as fluently as they converse with their neighbours in Malayalam. 
It is a distant cousin to the nearest backwaters, Nileshwar and Valiyamparaba 30 kms away.
You will most likely end up exploring it on foot or being driven around by friendly auto-drivers or those local buses that embrace you with their warmth (not literally though)  
It presents you with locals who are not too tourist-smart. They are not forever trying to sell you tacky souvenirs or make that extra buck.
The locals will often subject you to random acts of kindness. They will accompany you (by foot) if you are unsure of the route. They will help you buy tickets from the conductor who does not understand you. They will help you catch a seat if the bus is crowded. They will consult friends to let you know where you need to get down to go to some place that you have only heard of from Google. If they are getting down before you from the bus, they will hand you over to someone else to ensure you don't miss your stop.
And most of all, they will not only remember you but give you a friendly smile too, when they see you the next day :)
There is the waiter at the non-touristy restaurant who will ensure you understand what is red boiled rice before you order for it.
And then there is the curious bus conductor, who wants to know where you are from, how you are going back and why you are not taking the cheaper option of taking a train back home. He will also check on you every few minutes during your 40 minute ride to the town. 
They are simple and loving people who will not look at you with those wary and suspicious eyes. 

And to reiterate, Kasaragod has nothing to offer the regular tourist, but everything for the discerning wanderer! 


Rashmi said...

aww.. you speak so well of my people. :)
Looks like you had a nice vacation..

Pradeep Roonwal said...

Rashmi - yes, they are really nice people :)
The vacation was good specially since we just wandered around soaking in the sun and sand, both of which Kasaragod has in abundance.

Unknown said...

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