Yet again

A weekend that never was (we worked on Saturday)...followed by a busy Monday at office. What better way to while away the long commute home than by listening to music on radio.
My last win at a radio contest had instilled a new confidence in me. For a couple of days after that eventful Aug 20 morning, I used to enter radio contests like an addict. However, after a few unsuccessful attempts, I gave up. After all, it does not happen again n again, else people would have made it a business venture by now.
While I could not completely de-addict myself, I became choosy...I did not spend my hard-earned 3 rupees entering contests where I could only win myself a stylish watch (am not a watch-wearer) or a slimming coupon (I was sure jogging would take care of it). I would only enter contests that offered food vouchers, store coupons and the like (gift hampers held a special place, due to the sheer unpredictability of their contents).
Coming back to today, listening to radio, the DJ was offering a Dominos Pizza gift voucher worth Rs 500. Ideal, I thought, as I waited in feverish anticipation. She quickly played a prelude, and challenged us to guess the song.
Not much of a challenge, I thought as I guessed it to be "Kabhi Kabhi Aditi" from Jaane Tu...Yaa Jaane Na. But then I dint even think twice, I had to enter the contest!!!!!... ;)
There lay a bigger challenge ahead...typing out the message on my Moto Rokr (using a stylus, no keyboard) in record time and sending it across to the now very familiar number.
As luck favours the brave, I did it in record time....even before she had completed repeating the question a second time.
While she resorted to play "Sajnaji wari wari jaoonji..." from Honeymoon Travels, I listened indifferently, fervently praying for another one of those prizes :)
When just a few seconds into the song, I got a call from an unknown number, I was consciously trying to be cautious. After all, it could be one of those ever-eager credit card sellers.
And then, there she was. The silky voice..."Is it Pradeep?"..."Yes", I replied in carefully composed words...I dint want to sound like a novice on radio this time, after all, it was the second time, I was a veteran...I hardly knew anyone who had been on Radio, much less a second time.
She asked, "Are you speaking through a hands-free?"..."Yes, I am"...I could not end with just a was plain rudeness ;)
She asked me to speak through the handset (since she was recording it)...and I obeyed. And then it was all a less than a few seconds my email id had been taken, I had uttered the answer, been congratulated for the voucher and was off the call.
I hastened (read fumbled) to turn on the radio. I was not going to miss out on the joy of listening to myself on radio this time around (the last time I did miss myself :( ) .
Fortunately the song was still playing. As soon as it ended, I was on air, with amazingly composed words, I answered, was congratulated yet again and seen off with a "take care sweetie" :)


ashwini bharadwaj said...

"take care sweetie"? interesting! well, congratualtions :)

TEJA said...

Congrats! once again... :)

Pradeep Roonwal said...

Thanks T and Ashwini :)