2012 has been an exciting year with its ups and downs, with the ups outdoing the downs :)
January - the holiday season was over! But lets make it interesting by planning our first long vacation with Aadi. Sheetal and Aadi - does Shimla - Kullu - Manali interest you?
February - was travel. Delhi - Shimla - Kullu - Manali. Aadi saw and held "ice" for the first time in his life. I climbed a horse after 5 years (fortunately the horse was shorter this time around and saved me a lot of embarassment). The stunning drive from Shimla to Manali and the amazing vista's took our breath away.
March - Aadi's playhome days were over. Bye bye Chirantana!
April - Its time for my first promotion at Target, followed by everyone but me travelling to Rajasthan :(
May - I badly wanted to travel, a sort of a belated celebration...but do not. It's the final month of summer vacation and the "Kids" come down to Bangalore :)
June - Aadi starts formal school...this is much easier than we anticipated. We quietly celebrate our five years of marriage :)
July - Sheetal grows a year "younger" and yet another quiet celebration follows.
August - project Rajasthan begins with an implementation planned for October :) am absolutely loving it. Long train journeys with the kids...I'm superexcited...wait a sec...am I?
September - frantic planning for Rajasthan...and by now, I really am EXCITED :)
October - things fall apart...people drop out one after the other...finally it's only Aadi, Sheetal n me...painting Rajasthan red in a white qualis with a turbaned driver who treats us like royalty :)
November - Diwali, crackers and amazing food...A very happy and quietly satisfying Diwali.
December - yayyy!!!! My birthday is here...anyone who knows me well will know that I look forward to this day with childish anticipation right from New Year's. But then, I am now really a year older!
Aadi wins the Tortoise race at the Arena-2012 (ANPS Sports day for hte KG students)...my birthday present, albeit a little late :)
And as the year nears an end (pun intended), the cautious excitement over an apocalypse that never happened! 

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Rashmi said...

:) Great recap.
Congrats Aadi for winning the tortoise race.. lovely :)